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Residence Permits

Residence Permits for Real Estate Owners

The Greek government, adopting a friendlier stance towards those who wish to own real estate property in Greece, installed a procedure via which third country (non EU) citizens who acquire real estate property at a minimum value of € 250.000, have the right to obtain a permanent residence permit, renewable every five years.

The right applies not only to the owner of the property, but also to the members of his/her family. One of the greatest advantages of the residence permit is that its owners have the ability to travel to other member states of the Schengen area and stay there for up to 90 days, within a period of 6 months. Moreover, the holders of the residence permit have access to Greek health or public education services, just like any other Greek citizen.

It should be noted, however, that the residence permit provides no access to the employment market in Greece. Employment does not include the exercise of economic activity in the capacity of a shareholder or a Chief Executive Officer, which in this case is permissible.

Riginos Realty SA, may take over upon request the process of issuing a residence permit by gathering all necessary documents and submitting them to the relevant public authorities. The charge for the submission of the application is a flat fee of € 3.500 which includes among others:

  • Provision of an up to two hour conference with our legal department, either in person or through a video conference, in order to clarify any legal details.
  • Assistance in obtaining all the required documents for issuing the residence permit (i.e. certificate issued by the notary public that the property deed fulfils all the requirements set by the law, proof of title transfer from the competent land registry, etc).
  • Assistance with obtaining all necessary documents in regards to your medical insurance.
  • Completion and submission of the application to the relevant public authorities.

Through our network of specialized immigration attorneys, we will help you obtain the residence permit and take full advantage of the benefits it provides.